How to reduce your costs of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation?


The hotter inlet air temperature, the less HVAC-R is efficient. Experimental data from buildings indicate that roof surface temperatures can exceed 85°C on hot days, and the air temperature near rooftop HVAC-R units rises several degrees above the ambient temperature.

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What is the most effective way to insulate, while also eliminating corrosion in the ducts of air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems?


By reduction of the surface temperature by 38%, the difference between inside and outside of the duct is close, ThermaCote eliminates the condensation, reduces humidity and prevents the rust on the HVAC-ducts. Too it reduces maintenance costs and eliminates radiant heat from hot ducts. In addition, ThermaCote maintains the temperature inside by controlling heat losses. Furthermore, the elimination of fiberglass reduces the size of space needed for installation.

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