Increase energy efficiency

Helps lower maintenance costs.

ThermaCote increases energy efficiency and helps lower maintenance costs.

ThermaCote incorporates advanced ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat and cold

On exterior surfaces ThermaCote is a weather barrier, providing additional insulation and a breathability component that allows entrapped moisture to escape.

With ThermaCote a building or structure will perform closer to its assigned “R” value throughout its life.On interior surfaces ThermaCote acts as an air barrier sealing leakage and entrapping cold or warm air.

This significantly reduces the run time for air conditioners or heaters, produces energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs.

Easy to use ceramic-based insulation (not a “reflective paint”) for new or retrofit construction.

ThermaCote reflective and emissivity attributes will significantly reduce heat build up, increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

ThermaCote can be used as a waterproofing solution, primer & top coat.ThermaCote will aid in insulation efficiency, reduce application time and costs. ThermaCote will also remove the need to regularly repaint.

The product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and approved under the California Department of Public Health’s standard for indoor air quality in classrooms and offices.

Thermal insulation of the roof : why is it important ?

30% of the energy loss of a building comes from the roof. Roof insulation must be a priority.

ThermaCote is a coating that was created in the United States in 1985. A sustainable solution for energy saving and thermal protection for industry and buildings. Since 2012, ThermaCote has been used all over Europe. Temperatures has been increasing year after year.

In summer, the roof stores the heat caused by sunshine. Air conditioning often seems the only way to bring down the temperature inside.

Worldwide, air conditioners and fans account for 20% of the total electricity consumption.

ThermaCote guarantees lasting insulation and thermal comfort in all seasons. Our ThermaCote is applied to all types of roofs (tiles, slates, zinc, wood, steel, bituminous, flat or sloping...) Tests show a reduction of roof temperature up to 38%.

Sustainable protection thanks to its certified ceramic technology

Anti-corrosion protection

Quick application in one layer

acts as a survival blanket

Light product that does not add weight to the structure

Non polluting and sanitizing (extraction of moisture)

Durable and quality comfort

Reduction of heating and cooling bills.

ThermaCote, the insulating and efficient thermal-barrier to stay cool.

ThermaCote is approved by the European Cool Roof Council and increases the insulation and solar reflection of roofs.

Do you want to store and protect your goods or equipment in the best conditions ? Reduce the heat of buildings in summer and keep it in winter ? Whether for industrial buildings, agricultural, logistics or commercial center, you reduce your energy bill, while improving the comfort of your occupants. You decrease the heat of buildings in summer and keep it in winter.

55 colors available

Quick application (up to 800m2 in one day)

Application even during the occupation of the building

Application even on a hot surface

Anti-condensation protection

Reduces temperature up to 38%

Protects and improves the life of your roof.

Thermal resistance R = 1,87m2K/W - Thermal transmittance : U = 0,53W/m2K - Solar reflectance index SRI : 104